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This was one of the original games on the Wordly-Wise server. It was inspired by an early CD-ROM based dictionary that allowed you to search for terms using several criteria - one of which was by scanning definitions. Often the clues are provided in decreasing order of difficulty, allowing you to score yourself on how quickly you determine the key word.

- Adrian

What KeyWord is found in the definitions of each of the following:

gamut _________\
eyeshot ________\
scope ___________\
purview __________\
sierra ____________\ _________________

A trip to the dictionary will reveal a common word in the definitions of each of these words. The clues are presented in decreasing order of obscurity. So the word-elite are invited to try revealing the words one a time, scoring yourself according to how many words were needed to come up with the KeyWord. The KeyWord for the sample puzzle is RANGE.

Visit the KeyWord Server to play more of the 600+ keywords

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