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Hoadworks' word games are fun, challenging and unabashedly educational. Our games have been published in GAMES Magazine, What If? magazine, on Barbara Feldmans's Surfing the Net with Kids and on Chicago's O'Hare International Airport website. Our crosswords have appeared on Garfield.com and in newsletters and publications worldwide.

Have fun with the thousands of puzzles below, or check out the regularly updated feature game. Contact the author for permissions or for information about custom game or puzzle design and creation services.

At Hoadworks we love words and games. We're only moderately happy with one-bingo Scrabble games and we think it is vitally important to exercise our creative imperative. Here are a few projects that help us to stay creative while spreading the good words!

Bookhooks - book report centre for young readers



Avocabo Vocabulary Series by Hoadworks


Welcome to The Vocabaret, my friends!

I've rooted through ten years of Wordly-Wise and Vocabaret archives to compile my most popular word games in one book, ready for personal play or use in high school English and language arts classrooms!

Beguiling Word Play from The Vocabaret will provide guaranteed vocabulary-building fun, including:

  • 150 pages of print-ready classroom icebreakers and noggin-thawing nigglers;
  • Crossword puzzles, word searches and letterbanking challenges;
  • New twists on some of Lewis Carroll's favourite word puzzles;
  • Over 30 unique word play titles, tested on Adrian's wordgame listservers;
  • Epic-puzzles, such as the popular A Stampede of Carniverbs and A Colourful Quiz;

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