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Teachers Pay Teachers

Select Hoadworks' puzzles are available on our Teachers Pay Teachers Store, including my 156-page book of greatest hits, Vocabaret: Beguiling Word Play

Vocabaret: Beguiling Wordplay

Avocabo Vocabulary Series by Hoadworks

Challenge your students with Avocabo vocabulary units. Each unit introduces 20-25 words within the context of literature, careers, themes or conceptual dichotomies. Many of the units have been co-created by my wonderful students.

Teachers: submit your own suggested wordlists, or ask how your students can publish their own units--a challenging and rewarding exercise in academic wordplay!


After nearly 20 years of operation and over 100,000 posted book reviews, I have retired the Bookhooks website, as my provider no longer supports ColdFusion. Thank you to those teachers who championed its use for their active young readers. The site, including all of the ColdFusion code and database, is for sale. Contact me for details.



Feature Game: Word Origami


Word Hold' EmWord Hold'Em combines the excitement and drama of Texas Hold'Em Poker and the heady challenge of Scrabble-like word-building!

Click on the image at right to play the print version. Play solo, or invite a friend to play head-to-head!




Listen to Duncan Hossack's Skylark: An Education Podcast, produced by Adrian Hoad-Reddick at CFRU's studio in Guelph. Duncan appreciates your feedback at theskylarkpodcast@gmail.com




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