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I love words at play and I think it is important for us to exercise our creative imperative. Here are a few projects that help me to stay creative while spreading the good words.

Have fun with the thousands of puzzles below, and be sure to check out my regularly updated feature game. Contact Adrian Hoad-Reddick for permissions or to enquire about custom game or puzzle design and creation services.

Bookhooks - book report centre for young readers

Bookhooks allows young readers to respond in words and images to the books in their lives. This free and educational website has over 65,000 book/story/poem reviews from active readers worldwide!

Avocabo Vocabulary Series by Hoadworks

Challenge your English students with vocabulary units from the Avocabo Series. Submit your own suggested wordlists, or ask us how your students can publish their own units--a challenging and rewarding exercise!

Word Hold' EmWord Hold'Em combines the excitement and drama of Texas Hold'Em Poker and the heady challenge of Scrabble-like word-building!

Click on the image at right to play the print version. Play solo, or invite a friend to play head-to-head!

Hoadworks' Rhyme-n-Reason@Random and Keyword servers received an Editor's Choice Award from Bonus.com. We've added these features to the Bookhooks resources page



Welcome to zee Vo-Cabaret, my friends!

I've rooted through ten years of Wordly-Wise and Vocabaret archives to compile my most popular word games in one book, ready for personal play or for use in high school English and language arts classrooms!

Beguiling Word Play from The Vocabaret will provide guaranteed vocabulary-building fun, including:

  • 150 pages of class-ready icebreakers and brain-thawing nigglers;
  • Crossword puzzles, word searches and letterbanking challenges;
  • New twists on some of Lewis Carroll's favourite word puzzles;
  • Over 30 unique puzzles, tested by the Vocabaret faithful on my wordgame listservers;
  • Epic-puzzles, such as the popular A Stampede of Carniverbs and A Colourful Quiz;

Cobble is Solitaire for Word Lovers. In this simple and addictive word game players situate letters in a six-by-six grid to create as many 3, 4, 5 and 6-letter words as you can horizontally, vertically and in the two major diagonals. Play your letters right and place a word in each channel to receive a generous bonus.Play your letters in the correct order to get the most out of each word!



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